Take Your Skates!

There is something you should definitely try in case you travel to Kyrgyzstan: do go for ice skating! It is true that nowadays even any small city has some skating rinks but they are usually indoor ones.

As you figures, I am offering the great ice skating experience on the open air rink! Just grab your skates and head towards “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”! It is one of those awesome places in Kyrgyzstan, which offer a huge area for real ice period!

The “cabin” has already become one of the most favorite destinations of families, friends and colleagues to go and have amazing holidays. The nature around is enchanting and makes the one return there again and again!

Visit site for more information about the place.

Healthy tours

Kyrgyzstan’s beauty not only enchants the visitor, but also has some healing effects in itself. For instance, the pearl of Kyrgyzstan, about which we talked about last time, is visited by tourists and locals not only for beach parties in summer, but also for health improvement reasons.

Issyk Kul lake is one of the biggest recreational areas in the country. It is very rich spa resorts, which provide the best procedures for the person’s health and relaxation. Acupuncture, mud treatments, variety of therapies are all included in the resorts of Issyk Kul area.

Not only the resorts’ treatments, but also the nature itself is so healing. The peaceful lake, its pristine, sky blue water and the majestic glaciers on the background are all what make the nature breathtakingly enchanting and healing to souls…

Pearl of Asia

Just like every country, Kyrgyzstan has a special treasure to be proud of. It is actually not the only one there is in the country but the most important and famous one. It is the second largest alpine lake in the whole world after the lake Titikaka – Issyk Kul.

The lake is located at the attitude of over 1600 meters above sea level, in the province under the same name, Issyk Kul. Its enormous size makes the lake look like a sea. There are more than 80 types of fish species in the lake.

There is a fact, which makes the lake a bit mysterious, that is there are some rivers that flow into the lake, but none which flows out of it. However, this does not affect the water level at all.

The beauty of the lake itself and the nature around decorated with glaciers, green trees and sunny beaches attract so many tourists from variety of countries for summer vacations.

River Rafting

If you got the chance to visit Kyrgyzstan, there is one activity, which goes to the “must-do” list, and that is a breathtaking experience – river rafting!

Since the country is rich with rivers flowing from the high glaciers, there is every single chance to have one of the best rafting experiences. The most famous of those rivers are Chon-Kemin, Naryn, Chu and Chatkal.

The season of rafting usually starts from mid-spring and can continue till October according to the weather conditions. The period may vary up to the temperature; it may last for longer in good weather conditions or finish earlier than usual if winter starts early.

Rivers are so unpredictable, that will give adrenaline rush to any sportsman. There are both peaceful and calm flows and unexpected and rapid turns on the way! This is what makes river rafting the experience of a lifetime to many people…

Fishing in Kyrgyzstan

A little break after such extreme activity is important of course. However, if sitting at home doing nothing sounds boring, then there is another perfect option, with the help of which you can shoot two rabbits with one shot: relax and enjoy the free time all in once. Go for fishing, this is what I mean!

In Kyrgyzstan it is not hard at all to organize such activity. There are more than enough rivers that are rich with variety of fish species. The most famous ones among them are Chon-Kemin, Susamyr and The Red River.

The rivers are located not that far from Bishkek, approximately from 60-200 kilometers from the capital. Most prefer going for fishing in spring, since that time the water level increases and so does the amount of fish in the water. It is also preferable to start the activity earlier, when fishies are all hungry.

Double Extreme

They sometimes compare skiing with flying because of the speed during the process and the adrenaline that people get at the moment of skiing. There is no way but to agree with them, but have you ever thought about getting more of that excitement? How about doubling the amount of adrenaline from skiing? Here is how we do it – we will go for heli-skiing!

This is the only activity, which would match with the description above literally. Imagine flying for real above the majestic mountains full of glaciers, enjoy the view as much as you can, fill yourself with energy and jump right from the helicopter down to the smooth snow-way and continue flying on Earth! There will be no words to describe the emotions when you have got the wind beneath your wings more than usual!

All of these can be realized at the very place that I introduced you last time – at Karakol. It is the easiest thing to organize that type of trip: all you need to do is to choose the suitable time with travel agencies, gather your friends or family and let the adventures get started!

Time for Skiing!

As we predicted recently, winter is already there in Kyrgyzstan! Incredibly cold, all across the capital city is covered with white – this real winter atmosphere is as great as it can be! So, it is already time to make some plans to enjoy all of this, instead of hiding in the cosiness and warmth of a house.

There are so many places to organize winter picnics or snowboarding trips around Bishkek. But, if you wish to go for real skiing experience, then there is a special destination. It is Karakol ski resort, situated in Issyk Kul province. The resort is number one skiing complex across the country and is filled with visitors all the time.

The place provides not only skiing, but also paragliding, snowboarding and other fun activities for the visitors enjoy the winter vacations as much as possible. For more pictures and information, visit site. Check out the video and get the glimpse of what it is like to choose Karakol ski resort!


Arts of History #2

Besides Cholpon Ata in Issyk Kul, there is another open air museum in Jalal-Abad province. Saimaluu Tash (or Saimaly Tash, ‘decorated stones’ in Kyrgyz) is one of the biggest petroglyph sites in Kyrgyzstan. It is located on the Ferghana Range at about 3,200 meters attitude in two high valleys, separated by a low mountain ridge.

The place includes over 10,000 carved pictures, which makes the site a worldwide important rock-art collection. The petroglyphs are thought to date from 2000BC up into the middle ages. The site was first recognized by Europeans in 1902 and is now under sporadic investigation by the Institute of Archeology in Bishkek.

The site can be reached in about a day on foot or horseback, but only around the month of August. At other times, snow conditions make it impractical to reach. This is why only about a hundred people a year make the trip to Saimaluu Tash.

Saimaluu-Tash is a perfect place full of discoveries for biologist, ethnographers and even specialists in stone’s processing. The “portraits” of various animals, people and some scripts give some idea about the ancient lifestyle and leave not few mysteries to solve.


Arts from History

Issyk Kul is one of the well known and most visited region of Kyrgyzstan. It is usually because of the lake Issyk Kul, the pearl of the country. However, people keep going there even after summer and beach seasons. Question – why?

It will be a bit hard to find out the exact reason for each visitor, but we can make some guesses and offer possible sights that may be attracting to people. So, one of the most interesting places would be the Open Air Museum in Cholpon-Ata town.

Cholpon-Ata keeps variety of historical treasures for centuries. They are unique ancient monuments, such as petroglyphs – engraved stones, whose authors are believed to be from the Bronze Age. There are thousands of paintings of this type, that were started back in the middle II millennium – VIII century B.C. One of the most famous tribes that made huge contribution to htis art is the Saka (VIII-III centuries B.C.). They even had their own Saka-Scythian animal style of art, which is truly impressing.

What these ancient petroglyphs generally portray is animals, people, who are busy with every day activities and some prayers that can show the religious views of the authors.


Winter is near!

I could not believe my eyes seeing Bishkek city covered with snow on internet! It is just a middle of fall and Bishkek is freezing already! Do not know why, looking at the beautiful scenery, I really feel like winter vacations come faster! Started feeling that I missed this wonderful season so much, that now have to share something connected to my winter-mood! :)

There is a great city called Karakol in Issyk-Kul region. It is famous for one only amazing ski resort in the country. The resort itself is close to the city, about a 20-30 minute ride depending on road conditions. There are four ski lifts in really nice condition and places to rent equipment on the mountain. The slopes offer opportunities for beginners amongst the lower slopes and more challenges for the more experienced skiers.

Even in summer it is a great fun to visit the base. The lifts are always ready to give a breathtaking experience. It takes you to 3040 meters elevation at the top of the mountain. This is a perfect chance to enjoy the stunning view and take whole bunch of photos!