Indoor Beach!

After discovering enough summer destinations in Kyrgyzstan, I would love to take you guys a bit away from this county to its neighbor, Kazakhstan!

It is true that because the beaches in this country are not as famous as Issyk Kul of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakh citizens usually travel all the way to their neighbor. So, here is a logical question: what are we going to do there while even Kazakhs are leaving for another place?!

The thing is, Kazakhstan has even more unique beach than any others around – a perfect, super modern, all year round indoor beach! Yes, that is for real! Can’t believe? Click here to read an exciting feedback from the one, who has actually been there!

Flying at Toktogul

This country is not necessarily the hotspot of tourists in Central Asia. I think it is just because people have no idea about its hidden treasures.

For instance, they may tell you that Toktogul water reservoir is the largest one among Central Asian dams. But you will have no further interest in it, because there is no other interesting information given on it! So, here you get it:

Toktogul dam is not only the place they get the electical energy from, but also the spot where they go for flying! Incredible? Why not to check the video out and make sure then?

Rafting in Chon Kemin

Today I would like to share about how some people are taking advantage of hot summer days and the blessings of nature in such time of the year – the cool flowing rivers! As I mentioned before, rafting is one of the greatest options to spend holidays in summer.

So, if you are already filled with enthusiasm, then there must be only one question, that is “Where to go?”. Good one, since not every river is suitable for this activity. Therefore, please take a look at one of the options Kyrgyzstan provides – the Chon Kemin river in the video below!

Water, wind, Speed!

During the season of summer, it sounds pretty cool and also usual to relax by the sea on the beach, swimming in the warm water and reading books without anyone to disturb you. On the other hand, is everyone such calm at all?

For example, me, not really. The way of relaxing said above will get me bored in just a couple days and there comes a wish to do something more fun and suitable for summer’s heat at the same time…. So, what can be the way out?

In Kyrgyzstan, it is easy to decide: there are so many amazing rivers, which also keep the one cool and offer variety of fun activities. The first and the best one is rafting! Just imagining how much of an adrenaline I can get from this fills me with energy already!

More on Issyk Kul

If to pay attention to the summer vacation talks in Kyrgyzstan, all they discuss is usually the lake of Issyk Kul. Some are about their previous experinces and some about the plans they have for future tours.

So, if you wonder why in the world this is the only thing they can think about, then go ahead and explore Issyk Kul more! You will then realize what the destination is worth. To help you with this, here I provided a nice video, which will take you to the virtual tour to the lake and let you enjoy the view from above!


– Knock knock!

– Who is there?

– Summer is here!!!!

Much waited, even more missed season of the year, the season of relaxation, fun and new adventures is here! This means, now it is time to pack your things and get ready to hit the hottest destination in Kyrgyzstan, the center of tourism in summer, Issyk Kul!

The pristine water of this beautiful lake, fun beaches with other attractions besides the lake itself will fill you with joy and unforgettable memories. They include fast rides on the lake, paragliding above it, extreme Banana ride and so much more!

In Issyk Kul, there is no need to worry about accomodation and food at all! All cosiness in hotels and guest rooms, tasty national and western cuisines are at your service! So, come come, join us and have fun!

Milan Expo 2015

I wonder if you guys have heard about this expo, called “Expo”. This is an amazing global event, which takes place every five years in variety of countries. After so many decades since 1880, the number of countries, participating in the expo have reached a hundred and thirty!

This year, Expo is taking place in Milan, which is the reason why it is now being called “Expo Milano”. The main topic of this year is healthy and nutricious foods and the ways of saving the planet, nature from harms and misuse.

It is also worth to note that Kyrgyzstan is also one of the countries that confirmed participation and here is the video made about the country for the event. It is really very breathtaking!

Tears of Leopard

The breathtaking view of this waterfall can be found in the province of Issyk Kul. The original name of waterfall in Kyrgyz language sounds as “Barskoon”, which is translated as “The Tear of Leopard”.

Leopard is one of the most precious and symbolic animals of Issyk Kul and Kyrgyzstan as a whole. The territory around the waterfall is where they live the most.

The animal is getting rare year by year and this is the reason why it has been added to the Red Book of creatures in danger of extinction. This also may be the reason why so many people long for seeing it witht heir own eyes. This as well causes so much fame to the waterfall besides its own beauty.

Spring Escape

Spring is the season, which is not really exciting to some people. The reason is, this is when the problems in health, such as allergic illnesses and the ones in breathing system “wake up” together with the fresh grasses, trees and flowers.

So, people usually rely on constantly taking anti-allergic pills and try to survive this critical period of the year. However, this is not the only way of fighting with such health problems. For instance, there is a special place in Kyrgyzstan, which was founded for therapies of the illnesses above.

Chon Tuz sanatorium in Naryn province is located right at the salt mine, in the tunnel, whose air contains great amount of minerals and salt crystals, which help cure the problems in health and grant the person with healthier immune system. So, considering such trips is both exciting and useful!

Labirynth of Komorchek

Komorchek is a beautiful canyon of Kyrgyzstan but I like calling it as a labirynth. The reason is, the way it streches up to two hundred kilometers and consist of so many curves makes me think of a huge challenges to find a way. As perfect as it sounds, Komorchek canyon is a great option for the weekend short trips.

I would also like to hint that this is a perfect time of a year to make a journey over there, since this is when the nature is on its top level of beauty. In order to see when and how exactly to visit Komorchek, please visit site and check the details out. Wish you guys all the best in exploring the new destination!