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Wonderland a-step-away!

There are certain places everywhere that just HAVE TO be visited when you are in one country. If you plan a visit to Kyrgyzstan, even just for business, you are not supposed to leave before seeing National Park Ala-Archa…

The park is just about an hour away from the country’s capital Bishkek. It was founded in 1970s during former Soviet Union and still is one of the most important treasures of the country. Situated in the mountainous area, the park is full of trees, especially fir-trees, because of which it stays green all year long.

Ala-Archa is a perfect choice for those, who need some break from urban noises and everyday problems that drive one crazy. There will be only a human and nature, in perfect peace and harmony. However, it is a great idea to go with family members or friends to spend a day and have a nice picnic outside!

They visit Ala-Archa not only for relaxing, but also for physical exercises as well. During snowy seasons, hikers or skiers go and enjoy practicing their sports. So, the park always welcomes the visitor, no matter in which season of the year!


Save the Princess!

I love that wherever you go in Kyrgyzstan for sightseeing, each place has its own interesting history and legends. Those stories make the one travel back to the past virtually, feel that now he is also the part of that history and remember that place for the rest of his life.

I had the same feelings when I visited the ancient town Tokmok just an hour away from Bishkek city. The place is famous for legendary tower Burana. The legends about its construction are so amazing that I wanted to share with you! So here it is:

Once upon a time, there lived a king. After longing for a child for years, he finally had a baby girl. Unfortunately, the soothsayers said that when the girl turns 18, she will get bitten by the spider and will die. This definitely frightened the king and in order to protect the only daughter, he started building the tower as high as possible. However, when the girl grew up, she got bitten by the spider, which came along with the fruit…

Feeling proud!

After a couple months of living in Kyrgyzstan, I started finding some things really weird… No, it is not about culture shock, neither it is about the atmosphere around me…

The thing is, I already knew more about this country than most of its residents! Honestly, I ask about one city from a local person and he has no idea what that place is like! He has been nowhere but only his hometown! For a couple months of my visit, I managed to explore almost half of the country! I’ve seen such beautiful places and it is so incredible that those people are just two steps away and have no idea about them!

Here’s the most common example I can give: Kyrgyzstan has a legendary lake, called Issyk Kul (the Warm Lake). Its crystal clear water is both pleasant and healing for the body. And, so many people have never seen that at all!