Milan Expo 2015

I wonder if you guys have heard about this expo, called “Expo”. This is an amazing global event, which takes place every five years in variety of countries. After so many decades since 1880, the number of countries, participating in the expo have reached a hundred and thirty!

This year, Expo is taking place in Milan, which is the reason why it is now being called “Expo Milano”. The main topic of this year is healthy and nutricious foods and the ways of saving the planet, nature from harms and misuse.

It is also worth to note that Kyrgyzstan is also one of the countries that confirmed participation and here is the video made about the country for the event. It is really very breathtaking!

Tears of Leopard

The breathtaking view of this waterfall can be found in the province of Issyk Kul. The original name of waterfall in Kyrgyz language sounds as “Barskoon”, which is translated as “The Tear of Leopard”.

Leopard is one of the most precious and symbolic animals of Issyk Kul and Kyrgyzstan as a whole. The territory around the waterfall is where they live the most.

The animal is getting rare year by year and this is the reason why it has been added to the Red Book of creatures in danger of extinction. This also may be the reason why so many people long for seeing it witht heir own eyes. This as well causes so much fame to the waterfall besides its own beauty.

Spring Escape

Spring is the season, which is not really exciting to some people. The reason is, this is when the problems in health, such as allergic illnesses and the ones in breathing system “wake up” together with the fresh grasses, trees and flowers.

So, people usually rely on constantly taking anti-allergic pills and try to survive this critical period of the year. However, this is not the only way of fighting with such health problems. For instance, there is a special place in Kyrgyzstan, which was founded for therapies of the illnesses above.

Chon Tuz sanatorium in Naryn province is located right at the salt mine, in the tunnel, whose air contains great amount of minerals and salt crystals, which help cure the problems in health and grant the person with healthier immune system. So, considering such trips is both exciting and useful!

Labirynth of Komorchek

Komorchek is a beautiful canyon of Kyrgyzstan but I like calling it as a labirynth. The reason is, the way it streches up to two hundred kilometers and consist of so many curves makes me think of a huge challenges to find a way. As perfect as it sounds, Komorchek canyon is a great option for the weekend short trips.

I would also like to hint that this is a perfect time of a year to make a journey over there, since this is when the nature is on its top level of beauty. In order to see when and how exactly to visit Komorchek, please visit site and check the details out. Wish you guys all the best in exploring the new destination!

Edge of the World

Would you ever dare to reject visiting such a wonderful place in the photo above? Yes, me either! I must say though, that it takes so much patience, strength and wish to go though some hardships on the way, since the roads are so not smooth and remote.

However, the lovers of taking truly brilliant photo hunts or explorers of enchatinng nature will not hesitate about it at all. The place in the photo is located on the border between China and Kyrgyzstan. The lake Kel Suu is one of the most untouched and pristine ones in the country. The fact that the lake is no easy to reach also hides it from so many lovers of beauty…

There is a chance to be one of the first ones though, by reaching out to the proper agencies and asking for tours available to that particular point.

New Season

It is the new season in Kyrgyzstan, which means it is already time to start new adventures with new ambitions, plans and enthusiasm! So what is it like to travel to Kyrgyzstan in spring?

It is the incredible beauty first of all. The cities, villages and especially the mountains will be full of spring’s best colors – flowers and their fragrance all around! It is of course impossible to go for fun activities such as swimming or rafting, but the joy you will get from the scenery itself will be enough.

It is better to see that in the middle of spring, since the beginning still reminds of freezing winter, just like now! The snow that fell the other day melted down just today! So, the people of Kyrgyzstan are now hoping for sunshine from now on!

What Else?

Good question about the place that I praised so much lately, is it not? What can the visitors enjoy at the Heart of Celestial mountains? Let me tell you: Suusamyr offers more than just skiing!

Since the days are getting warmer as the sign of beautiful spring and summer seasons ahead, the plans of ours will also be connected with future weekends and breaks. Very soon the snow that once covered the valleys will melt down and the fresh green grasses will replace it. That is perfect time to go, see and enjoy the beauty of awakening nature! The best way of doing that is of course observing from above!

Paragliding is a very famous sport in Kyrgyzstan and often organized near Suusamyr valley. The moments spent above those heavenly slopes among the clouds are so precious and every single person deserves the happiness of trying it at least once in a lifetime!

This is how they do it!

Yes it is hard to reach, yes it takes so much strength, patience and experience to the Celestials, but you know what? If only the person has the wish, he can do it anyways, no matter how, what time and with whom! Only with this attitude have the people been able to climb the mountains and overcome the challenges on their ways and of course, at the end, they tasted the unforgettable and unique taste of victory, achievement and accomplishment! This is how they did it:

Heart of Celestials

There is a certain difference between just skiing and making the best of skiing. For example, some ski fans prefer taking the highest points possible to ski down from. How do they make it? Definitely by heli-skiing!

Helicopter makes it possible to reach the greatest peaks in almost no time and enjoy skiing from there. In Kyrgyzstan, heli-skiing is pretty popular and this is the only way to make it to the virgin peaks of the mountains.

The destination, which is visited the most often, is Suusamyr valley. It is located at the very center of Tian Shan mountain range, because of which they also call it the Heart of Celestials! The height of the peaks reach up to 4500 meters, which means the REAL rush of adrenaline through this skiing experience!